My name is Zack Ensign and I am Zen-Sign Interactive. I am a designer and developer of digital things. Technology is my medium to express my creativity. Knowledge and experience are the keys to my craft.

I have a broad set of skills from next-generation web standards to mobile applications development. The variety in my skill set is a direct result of my belief that creativity and user-experience is platform agnostic. During my nearly a decade of working/playing I have always tried to use what I felt was the best techniques to achieve my vision. In the end, it’s helped me grasp concepts quicker and take a more pragmatic and hands-on approach to learning.

Typically, I am the kind of person that gets called upon to work on the more conceptual and loose projects where creative liberty is expected and experimentation is key. This is one of my personal prides and I always try my best to take these projects to the next level so I will be afforded these opportunities again.

Gladly, I cannot tell you what my future holds. But, I can tell you that it will be interesting and unique and whatever I touch I will always put my personal stamp of technical skill, attention to detail, and creativity on it.